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Susan Boyle – Lives Her Dream!

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I want to be a professional singer….

Susan Boyle – Unemployed at 47 years of age.

What do you Want? What do you Desire?

Susan Boyle Knew Exactly What She Wanted!

When you consider the question, the answer might be the easiest thing for you right now, only to find that when you view it in much more detail, and then give it much thought, you can often discover how that choice can be more daunting.

First you will sit down and know what you want, and then you will often discover that there are other things that you desire, desire so much, and those two or three things oppose each other.

Not only that, you will soon discover that you may not have what it really takes to take on that task that you desire to have a much more full-filling relationship, a better job, more money, better health, or just become more powerful in your own industry.

I am here to tell you, that you can achieve anything you want, if you take the action and move toward onto what you want.  If you do not have the skills to posses it, then you do, take action, and learn it and do it.  There is no other way; everything is easy once you have the know-how.

The Law of Attraction Works and I Will Tell You Just Why

How do you use the law of attraction, it can be from following your passion, or letting it die in the desert of your mind. Your mind is that powerful, and it was given to you at birth, use it, not for drama, but for your self-growth and fulfillment.

Yes you can have anything you want…Your mind gives you the answers, it speaks to you, and calls up to you, but you must take action!

Once you have it, you must take action, you cannot rely on others to do it for you.  I have often said that fate, if there ever was a meaning for it, that it will come to you, but once it gets there, you must take action and seize that opportunity.  Life plays no favorites….

The Time To Take Action Is Now!

It is the easiest thing to do–when the idea is hot and fresh in your mind, step in the direction that which you are wanting to do, less the idea and the fire and passion will fade…it will continue to fade when you say…

I will do it tomorrow, and then tomorrow never gets there. Soon a whole month passes by, and you’d be lucky if you even remember that idea you once had.

Everyone has a talent. You have an outstanding talent, a certain passion, a gift if you will, that you can take and continue with and share it with the world. Not only will you love it but others will as well, as it helps others and helps you with the three needs that people most want.

Every man or woman can look behind them, and not so much back into the past and say,

If only I had taken action, (or taken the chance), I would have been so much better now.

It could have been anything at all:

  • I will start my diet tomorrow
  • I will create a website for my business tomorrow
  • I have this idea and I will use it to help more people and create a steady income for myself, tomorrow

It’s always about tomorrow – Stop and do it TODAY!

You will never need to say that ever again if you realize that your future is entirely under your own control.

Mistakes are made, dreams not fulfilled when you give that power away.

When you put the least amount of your primal energy on your focus and the most around the people around you and what they think.

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishment the scroll, I am the Master of my Fate; I am the Captain of my soul.


Find The Susan Boyle In You And Take A Chance!

You can discover The Secret of the Ageswhich can teach you everything you need to know about powerful desire, and what you need to fulfill your every dream.

What life do you want to create, you are the master, and you hold the paintbrush at your finger tips, what masterpiece do you want to create?

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