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Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

When you don’t give up. You cannot fail!!!

Isn’t it Time To Stop Giving Up?

You never win when you give up, never realizing that success was just around the corner.

Never realizing the finish line of all the work, all the sweat, and the tears that you set forth to conquer, all diminished at once, and only because you gave up.

Never give up

It’s time to stop crying and time to take a long look at yourself and discover the possibilities in the depths of your core.  They are in there, and they are waiting to be opened.

But only you have the key.  Only you can have that desire to want it bad enough, as bad as you want to breath.  Sometimes, you must endure pain and be willing to do it, because you know, you always have the end in mind.

I had a boxing team, and I do love boxing, and perhaps it’s why I like posting videos about boxing and championships and fighters.  But, I know this, first hand….

Fighters want to win – and they live, dream, talk, and breathe boxing…

They do what it takes to win, and boxing is a lonely sport.  There is no one inside that ring with them.  They do what they do because their passion got them into the bright lights, and they will do whatever it takes to raise their hands at the end of the fight!

I would tell my fighters that giving up just because they were tired was not an option:

Someone’s gotta pay – For all the hard work, all the sweat and tears, for everything you endure right now, someone’s gotta pay

And it wasn’t me, it was the person standing across the ring, and it was their destiny to win, when they wanted it bad enough.

Do Not Give Up –  Fire Up Your Passion

It’s there, you see it, but you must bring it alive, and only you can do it.  No one can tell you differently.  Wait, let me rephrase that, others will tell you differently…

It’s in their nature, it’s in their heart, but that’s not you.  Your heart is not theirs, your passion is yours, not theirs.  Who’s voice will you hear?

Never give up, that’s the topic today, and you shouldn’t, regardless of what other people say.

Stick with the people whose line of thought is at the same wave length as yours, you will be motivated, the power that comes with it is undeniable.

These are the people that will help you, they are all around you, and they are there to help you to never give up.

Sometimes they come to you without you having to ask.  Sometimes, you do have to ask, but they will help.

They walk among you in the shadows but you may not see them; for the one that hasn’t fired up the passion to reach new heights, but they are there if only you open your untrained eyes.

If only you open up to the power of the universe, call upon it, wake up the sleeping giant,  wake up your soul: It dwells within.

Every single thing  you do and receive comes in a form, believe it or not, through people.

Stop giving up – Wake up the Sleeping Giant in You!

It’s there, grasp it.  Attain it!  Make it Your own….it’s calling you.  What will you do?

The world plays no favorites, but you can make it your own, you have the tools…you have that power!


Discover the possibitlites and what you can create for yourself.  The world is ever changing, you can sit back and see what’s coming next, or you can get into the fight and take part in it.

What do you want to do?  Are You Going To Give Up?

Never give up and never give in.  Do you know how great you are?

The life you want is not far away, but sacrifices must be made, and things must be done…you hold the paintbrush, you create the canvas…What masterpiece do you want to Create?

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