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From the audio program ‘Great Ideas’. Copyright Nightingale-Conant 1971.

I Say Everything Is Easy

But everyone talks about all the work that is involved.  Why is that?

Because as easy as things are, or things should be, it does require work on your part, and most people are not willing to do it.

Well, it happens, you learn it, you delve in it, you desire, and create that mental picture, so much so, that you eat, sleep, and drink it.

The more you do what you want and like, it becomes habit…so much, that it becomes easy!

Never let anyone tell you different!

You can make everything as easy as 123 and abc.  That choice belongs to you.

In Who Do You Think You Are Anthony Robbins says:

See it as it really is, but don’t make it worse than it is so that you have an excuse not to do it…

Have you every seen a boxer?  Do you not see him throwing punches in the air because that became a habit of his, a good and healthy habit.  He loves his passion!

It is a great motivating desire, but not only that.  If you really look at that boxer, you may wonder  why he is throwing up punches in the air everywhere he goes, but that’s not just it.

That is just your perception of things

He is merely hitting a target.  He has a goal, and boxing is his art.

In his line of site, his third eye, he sees an opponent in front.  And he aims at his target, and making his muscles remember exactly how to get the punches he throws hit his target.  It’s called muscle memory.

It’s exactly how to perfect his craft. And he does it with so much excitement and passion, and the more he does it, the easier it gets for him.

With So Much Knowledge

Of your passion, is it not simple?

Will results not come forth?  If you want something hard enough, and you are passionate about it, wouldn’t it be easy? Would it not create results?

It is easy, so simple once you discover the how!

You can get Lead The Field and have all the knowledge Now!

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Life is what you create, it’s about passion, attitude, and your spirit to take action in your every day activities.  What do you want to create?  You are the painter, what is your masterpiece…it’s in you…

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