What You do: Do Better

Anthony Robbins – Who Do You Think You Are?

See it as it really is, but don’t make it worse than it is so you have an excuse not to try…..

Who Do You Think You Are –  Anthony Robins

Anthony Robins speaks about certain patterns that cause people to  feel alive, and also about which ones makes you feel distressed.

It’s not because of what is wrong with you, but what you were doing. And it’s really all about you because every outcome comes from  you!

You Have a Choice!

How can you make a change?

Tony Robins speaks what makes a difference in a person’s life.  It’s not what you get, but what you become.

You need to know your why!  Ask it…Meditate upon it and think about that for a while.  Find out your why, and things will become clear.

No one can take away from you those things that have naturally brought to your feet, by things that are free, given to you at birth, and things you build up.

Sure, money, cars, and houses, are things, things that can be created and attained again, they can be taken away, but the things many people do not think about, is the things no one can take away, and they are priceless, and given to you at birth.

I spoke of the 3 different needs people need, Tony robins talks about 6 needs a person needs.

You have all the power in the World!

You just need to find your primal energy, and clutch it with a firm grasp, because what the life you want will be given to you.

Which world do you want to live in?  Which painting do you want to create?

You are the painter, and you hold the paintbrush in your hand…start painting.

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  1. Vlad says:

    Seeing this just brought back some good memories from 2004 when I first saw Tony Robbins and walked on fire. It’s great to see this material again.

    It’s all about what/who we become.

    Love the site!

  2. Yes it is Vlad 🙂 I have yet to see him live, but it’s never too late. And yes, it is all about what/who we become along with the attitude to get us there…:)

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks for bringing this video up. I like Anthony Robbins. Especially this one: “What makes us happy? = Progress”
    I seems I made some Progress today with your help, Carlos.
    All the best

  4. Thank you Alex for your comment. I am glad you are making progress, in fact, we all are when we take action and learn by doing, instead of just learning and learning and coming to a halt. Don’t you agree?

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