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Susan Boyle – Lives Her Dream!

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Share I want to be a professional singer…. Susan Boyle – Unemployed at 47 years of age. What do you Want? What do you Desire? Susan Boyle Knew Exactly What She Wanted! When you consider the question, the answer might be the easiest thing for you right now, only to find that when you view […]

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There Is Nothing You Cannot Do

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Share Will Smith portrays the life of Chris Gardner, a homeless person turned mogul in The Pursuit of Happiness If You Are Willing To Pay The Price People achieve dreams almost every single day, but they never tire of trying.  When is your turn? Today of all days, make it happen.  Do not say I […]

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Powerful Inspirational true story…Don’t give up!

Share When you don’t give up. You cannot fail!!! Isn’t it Time To Stop Giving Up? You never win when you give up, never realizing that success was just around the corner. Never realizing the finish line of all the work, all the sweat, and the tears that you set forth to conquer, all diminished at […]

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Anthony Robbins – Who Do You Think You Are?

Share See it as it really is, but don’t make it worse than it is so you have an excuse not to try….. Who Do You Think You Are –  Anthony Robins Anthony Robins speaks about certain patterns that cause people to  feel alive, and also about which ones makes you feel distressed. It’s not […]

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